EOLFI contributes to the development of floating wind turbine technology

EOLFI has applied for patents both in France and abroad and is developing new technologies providing innovative solutions for floating wind turbines.

EOLFI invests in R&D to develop technologies for renewable marine energy, and in particular floating wind turbines.

There are two different types of technology: mature, with possible short term application, or prospective. Furthermore, it is worth nothing that the development of offshore fields with short term maturities, is completely disconnected with research into technologies which will only prove their worth in the distant future.

Blidar and Stationis are mature technologies that can be put into use in the short term.


Accurasea initiated by a collaborative R&D project called BLIDAR, is a buoy which measures weather and oceanic data, placed into the water in 2016 in Marseilles. The project was supported with 40% public funds (from the FUI and several regions) and was undertaken in partnership with NKE and the research organisations IFREMER and IRSEEM. The Accurasea buoy will be on the market in 2019.


STATIONIS, a joint project with several SME’s (ABYSSCAD, CAPSIM, INNOSEA) and Ecole Centrale de Nantes, is software which can assist with designing floating wind farm projects: from the optimal architectural design of the anchors, to the internal electric structure, to delivery at sea. The 3D graphical interface means you can quickly set the parameters of a floating wind power farm. It should be on the market from 2017. 



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