BLIDAR, Weather And Oceanic Data Measurement Buoy

BLIDAR a collaborative R&D project is designed to measure the wind as accurately as possible and in all weather and sea conditions that may occur on a wind power site at sea.


Blidar is the winner of FUI’s 11th call to tender. The aim of the project is to create a sea-weather buoy which can precisely quantify the energy resources (particularly the wind power potential using a laser light) available on wind power sites at sea. This project was undertaken in partnership with NKE and the research organisations IFREMER and IRSEEM.

Designed and made in France, BLIDAR is a certified project.

Advantages of BLIDAR

  • Can hold any kind of light radar on the market, e.g. the Windcube V2 by Leosphere, the ZephIR 300M or the Diabrezza V2 by Mitsubishi Electric
  • Adapts its hydrodynamic behaviour to a site or a particular part of the world.
  • Measures the wind, and also the parameters of the waves and marine current, along with the physical qualities of the marine environment.

To find out more

Visit the BLIDAR website

The members of the consortium


EOLFI is an independent company which specialises in wind power. With offices in France, Poland and Taiwan, EOLFI covers the whole value chain of renewable energy: developing offshore floating and onshore wind power projects, managing R&D and Renewable Energy investment funds.

EOLFI is in charge of overseeing the BLIDAR project. We take care of wind analysis and testing both on- and offshore.

nke Instrumentation

NKE Instrumentation designs, creates and sells measurement and surveying instruments for use at sea and in aquatic environments. NKE Instrumentation participates in various R&D programmes both on a national and European level and works in partnership with scientific organisations like IFREMER and the CNRS.

NKE Instrumentation is the lead manager on the BLIDAR project and is responsible for designing and making the complete system. The BLIDAR buoy has also taken on board several sensors.


Created in 1984, the French Institute for Research and Exploration of the Sea (l'Institut Français pour la Recherche et l'Exploitation de la MER) or IFREMER is a public research institute. IFREMER designs and operates observation, test and surveying tools and manages several scientific databases.

The technology R&D department at the IFREMER centre in Brest has taken and active role with BLIDAR. They bring their maritime expertise to the partnership and provide testing resources for the project.


IRSEEM the Institute for Research of Onboard Electronic Systems (Institut de Recherche en Systèmes Electroniques Embarqués) was founded in 2001 by ESIGELEC School of Graduate Engineering. IRSEEM and their researchers conduct joint research with an applicative purpose. This targets the automobile, aeronautical, renewable energy, telecoms and health sectors.

IRSEEM supervised the acquisition of real-time data during land testing. They are responsible for the development of algorithms to compensate for the movement of the buoy and calculate the parameters of the waves.



10, place de Catalogne 
75014 Paris
Tel : + 33 1 40 07 95 00
Fax : + 33 1 40 07 97 36

Contact EOLFI

EOLFI Lorient

18, rue du Sous-Marin Vénus
56100 Lorient
Tel : + 33 1 40 07 95 00

EOLFI Marseilles

7, rue du Docteur Fiolle 
13006 Marseille
Tel : + 33 4 91 37 65 66


6F, N°6, Sec. 4, Xinyi Road
Da An Dist., 10683 Taipei
Tel. : +886 2 5551 1266

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