EOLFI, pioneer of Floating Wind Power.

As a specialist in offshore floating wind power, EOLFI is helping to make France the world leader in renewable marine energy.

A strong foothold in France is essential if we are to be successful in our export adventures. The projects we are currently working on at EOLFI represent a capacity of 3GW in the Gulf of Lion and 1.5GW in Brittany (the equivalent of 3 EPR nuclear reactors). EOLFI is particularly keen to invest in Brittany and the Mediterranean Sea: the Atlantic represents a worldwide market because of its oceanic conditions, the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Lion are particularly well suited to floating wind turbines because of the Tramontane and Mistral winds. 

These projects should give France the opportunity to show off our skills and reinforce EOLFI’s position as a pioneer of floating wind power. As for its potential, marine wind turbines should eventually provide 10% of the European Union’s electricity and avoid 200 million tons per year of CO2 emissions. French partner companies will also be able to profit from important economic benefits. 

Energy production is increased through higher loading factors

Strong stable winds in deep sea

The possibility of installing even more powerful turbines (6 to 8MW per machine)

Assembly and disassembly at sea reduces costs

Foundations and wind turbines constructed and erected at a port on land and then towed out to the site

No fixed foundations, therefore no underwater construction required

Less impact on the environment

An almost non-existant visual impact and less potential usage conflicts

Turbines can be placed further off the coast as the depth constraints are fewer: between 15 and 40km from the coast

Larger farms preventing wide-spread smaller ones: 50 to 100 turbines over 40 to 90 km²

Located further away from coastal fishing areas, shipping and pleasure boating activities

Outside of signal point and radar zones

A new subsidiary creating jobs

Local employment in the region to construct the turbines and also during operation and maintenance phases

Projects in Brittany and the Mediterranean are a unique opportunity for France to showcase national players, meaning that EOLFI’s offer potentially large breakthroughs for these entities: Naval Energie, IFPEN (floats), GE-ALTOM, Adwen (turbines), design offices, scientific research institutes (Ifremer, Ecole Centrale de Nantes).



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Fax : + 33 1 40 07 97 36

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