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Taiwan, EU seek cooperation in online IPR protection

25 novembre 2016

Brussels, Nov. 25 (CNA) Taiwan and the European Union (EU) have set sights on cooperating in online intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, Vice Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua (王美花) said Friday.

Article en anglais : Taiwan, EU seek cooperation in online IPR protection

OffshoreWIND.biz : Eolfi Enters Taiwanese Floating Wind Market

22 novembre 2016

Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with France’s Eolfi for the development of floating offshore wind power in Taiwan.

The LOI was signed in Paris on 4 November by the Vice Minister of MOEA Wang Mei-Hua and Alain Delsupexhe, CEO of Eolfi, during the Vice Minister’s European tour which included visits to Germany, the Netherlands and France.

Article en anglais : Eolfi Enters Taiwanese Floating Wind Market

Joel Ciceron
Joel Ciceron CEO de Eolfi Greater China à Taiwan

Les messages d'un article en Chinois au sujet d'Eolfi Greater China à Taiwan

14 octobre 2016

EOLFI advocates that, to successfully reach the ambitious target of 4,000MW of offshore wind power by year 2030, Taiwan adopt a policy more inclusive of all technology solutions.

EOLFI wants Taiwan to gain access to 60% of its untapped wind resource located in deeper water (>50m).

EOLFI wants to bring the best green energy solution to Taiwan with many benefits (*) for Taiwan’s environment; for Taiwan’s residents; and for local industry through technology transfer.

(*) Taihai Taoyuan W1N project

L'article en chinois : EOLFI: Introduce offshore floating wind power technology. Set up 1 GW capacity in 2030

Taiwan Business Topics : Taiwan "Energiewende" developing renewable energy

octobre 2016

Massive investment in solar and wind power will be needed if Taiwan is to phase out nuclear energy at the same time as meeting its carbon abatement commitments.

En anglais et en chinois : Taiwan "Energiewende" developing renewable energy (pdf, 1,9 Mo)

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