EOLFI, develops onshore wind power projects

Since 2004, EOLFI has been a major player in the world of onshore wind power, with more than 1GW of turbine projects.

A major partner

With the support of local authorities, EOLFI develops, finances and puts into operation wind farms and has all the financial and technical resources to support the renewal and modernization of future wind farms.  

600 MW of wind power projects already in operation,  equivalent to the consumption of 267,000 households
500 MW of wind power projects under development
80 collaborators

Support for each project stage

Development / 4 to 7 years

Construction / 1 to 2 years

Operations / 20 to 30 years

Decommissioning / 2 months to a year

Dialogue at the heart of our projects

EOLFI is the key contact of elected officials, local authorities, owners, operators and residents; it places dialogue and transparency at the heart of its actions and designs its projects in consultation with the key players of the locality thanks to consultation and information activities. 

We develop participatory funding and investment models to enable local individual inhabitants and communities to take part in projects. 

An asset in promoting your region

With the implementation of onshore wind projects, EOLFI supports you in your energy transition and the enhancement of your region. An onshore wind project generates:

A responsible approach

In order for a wind project to blend smoothly with its environment, we anticipate and adapt to local conditions in terms of biodiversity, landscaping and agricultural activities. Independent specialist consultancies support us in carrying out comprehensive impact studies including the landscaping component. 

EOLFI has undertaken to gradually replace wind farm turbines at the end of their life with more recent and efficient models. This opens up the possibility of increasing a site’s electricity production while reducing its operating costs and its environmental impact. 


Le parc éolien des Arbus

Le parc éolien du Deyroux 

Le parc éolien du Bel-Hérault

Le parc éolien de la Cense

Le parc éolien de Rethonvillers

Le parc éolien de Carmoise-Tréhouët

Le parc éolien de Pleine-Selve

Le parc éolien du Pommier Doux

Le parc éolien du Prioux

Le parc éolien de Dreslincourt

Our locations


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