EOLFI Develops Photovoltaic Solar Power Projects

Since 2004, EOLFI has been a major player in France of solar power with more than 140MWc of projects carried out or ready to built.

In terms of onshore renewable energy, EOLFI has innovative, performant energy solutions, such as photovoltaic power plants on the ground, on water, on roofs or in parking shades.

Photovoltaic power plants make it possible to efficientlyand without carbone emissions, transform a « dormant » space to produce electricity from a clean and inexhaustible supply ofenergy from the sun.  

Ground-based photovoltaic facilities

Ground-based photovoltaic facilities aim to produce electricity while enhancing and rehabilitating land that has been neglected from all activities and without land use conflict, such as brownfield sites, former quarries, or waste treatment centres

Photovoltaic on water

Since 2018, EOLFI has been developing photovoltaic power plants on floating structures in order to offer owners and managers ofall types of waterbodies(industrial water bodies,irrigation ponds,etc.), a solution to rehabilitate and enhance water bodies neglected from any economic activity, and without any conflict of use

Photovoltaic shelters

Photovoltaic shades are designed to cover car parks with several hundreds, or thousandsof parking spaces,to meet a dual demand: weatherprotection of vehicles and productionof sustainable, competitive, and decarbonised electricity. 

Photovoltaic roofs

Rooftop photovoltaic plantsproduce electricity without carbon emissions. These facilities are particularly suited to multi-site property portfolios or very large buildings (logistics depots, industrial buildings, factories, etc.). EOLFI acts as an energy company, but also as an asset manager on behalf of our partners.

AIREFSOL ENERGIES, a partnership enhancing French railway land

In order to increase itsactivity within France,  in 2011 EOLFI joined forces with the French railway network (SNCF)to develop photovoltaic projects on abandoned land, or land which is no longer usedby the railway company, by creating a joint company: Airefsol Energies.

With a team of professionals and several offices in France, EOLFI brings its expertise as a specialised photovoltaic development operator to the operation of photovoltaic power plants. 

145 MWc photovoltaic projects carried out or ready to built in France since 2004
85 MWc solar projects under the CRE call for tenders

Our locations


10, place de Catalogne 
75014 Paris
Tel : + 33 1 40 07 95 00
Fax : + 33 1 40 07 97 36

EOLFI Lorient

18, rue du Sous-Marin Vénus
56100 Lorient
Tel : + 33 1 40 07 95 00

EOLFI Marseilles

7, rue du Docteur Fiolle 
13006 Marseilles
Tel : +33 4 91 37 63 72

EOLFI Montpellier

Parc Club du Millénaire 
1025, rue Henri Becquerel 
34000 Montpellier
Tel. : +33 1 40 07 95 00

EOLFI Nantes

11 bis Promenade Europa
44200 Nantes
Tel : + 33 1 40 07 95 00

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