EOLFI Develops Photovoltaic Solar Power Projects

Since 2004, EOLFI has been a major player in France with more than 140MWc of solar power projects

A major partner

With the support of local authorities, EOLFI develops, finances and operates photovoltaic solar parks on the ground, on roofs, in parking shelters, as well as floating and agrivoltaic photovoltaic projects in partnership with local stakeholders. 

140 MWp already in operation, equivalent to the consumption of 60,000 households
300 MWp under development
80 collaborators

Support for each project stage

Development / 2 to 4 years

Construction / 6 months to a year

Operations / 20 to 35 years

Decommissioning / 2 months to a year (if applicable)

Ground-based photovoltaic facilities

Ground-based photovoltaic facilities aim to produce electricity while enhancing and rehabilitating land that has been neglected from all activities and without land use conflict, such as brownfield sites, former quarries, or waste treatment centres

Photovoltaic on water

Since 2018, EOLFI has been developing photovoltaic power plants on floating structures in order to offer owners and managers ofall types of waterbodies(industrial water bodies,irrigation ponds,etc.), a solution to rehabilitate and enhance water bodies neglected from any economic activity, and without any conflict of use

Photovoltaic shelters

Photovoltaic shades are designed to cover car parks with several hundreds, or thousandsof parking spaces,to meet a dual demand: weatherprotection of vehicles and productionof sustainable, competitive, and decarbonised electricity. 

Photovoltaic roofs

Rooftop photovoltaic plantsproduce electricity without carbon emissions. These facilities are particularly suited to multi-site property portfolios or very large buildings (logistics depots, industrial buildings, factories, etc.). EOLFI acts as an energy company, but also as an asset manager on behalf of our partners.

Enhance the value of your land areas

We support local authorities, industry, landowners and investors in the development of photovoltaic solar projects and the achievement of your energy transition objectives. Revitalization of the region, financial benefits, decentralization of electricity production, carbon footprint improvement, rehabilitation of abandoned sites are all assets that are involved in a sustainable environmental approach.

Dialogue at the heart of our projects

EOLFI is the key contact of elected officials, local authorities, owners, operators and residents; it places dialogue and transparency at the heart of its actions and designs its projects in consultation with the key players of the locality thanks to consultation and information activities.

We develop participatory financing and investment models to enable local individual inhabitants and communities to take part in projects.

20 MWp has already been developed through financing and crowd funding.

A responsible approach

In order for a solar photovoltaics project to blend smoothly with its environment, we anticipate and adapt to local conditions in terms of biodiversity, landscaping and agricultural activities. Independent specialist consultancies support us in carrying out comprehensive impact studies. 

Innovative solutions

We incorporate innovative solutions into our offer such as electricity storage and the implementation of charging stations for electric vehicles.

AIREFSOL ENERGIES, a partnership enhancing French railway land

In order to increase its activities in France, EOLFI joined forces with SNCF in 2011 to develop photovoltaic solar projects on land no longer used for railways. 

Our locations


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